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  1. The Magic Mushroom Mastery guide is simple and to the point. It uses easily acquired materials in an easy and affordable method that produces results. What makes this guide truly invaluable is the support given to you buy the author. The tech is great but with the support and knowledge of someone with years of experience you can’t lose. This was the best 20 bucks I ever spent on a growers guide.

  2. Magic Mushroom Mastery is Awesome! Well worth the $20. Easy to read and simple to assemble, plus the member’s website has additional material. In my opinion MMM is the way to grow magic mushrooms. Give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed. Great job Joe!!

  3. Was wondering if anyone else has has problems receiving tjis guide,ive been waiting 4 weeks and no guide or no responce,

  4. Thanks ffor sharing your info. I truly appreciate yoour efforts and
    I am waiting ffor your next wrie ups thanks once again.

  5. In the “random pictures” section there are a couple shots of an outdoor grow with a big plastic pot. Any details on what you did? Did you have clay balls under it and a tray or were they in dirt? Did you mist? I love that idea and would love to try it. Thank you for your help!

    • Hey bud, the outdoor pot was just something I did to demonstrate how easy this hobby really is and also because I had some extra substrate that I needed to use up. Honestly, it’s an idea that you could experiment with but the conditions won’t be as optimal compared to the technique outlined in the guide. The pot is actually plastic and I didn’t use any clay rocks for the humidity but using an actual clay pot may work better if you could keep the clay moist. You actually don’t have to have moistened clay rocks in order for shrooms to grow but it definitely does help. If you don’t use the clay rocks then the moisture will be pulled from the casing and it will dry out quicker which is not what we want. I’m a big fan of experimentation and If you like the idea, I’m sure you could come up with some nice improvements to the tech. I actually had to leave on vacation during the growth period so that pot was seriously neglected, otherwise, yes I would have misted and fanned it more. If you have any more questions, please hit me up through email and I’ll be happy to help.

  6. This is the way to go, hands down, for any novice or newbie just doing it for the first time. The guide is simple and straightforward and much better than any other info out there on the internet. Besides cobbling together some vids from youtube and info gleaned from forums, you have a one-stop shop that, at least in my case, has worked exceedingly well for the first time around. For me, the most valuable part of the deal by far is email access to the author of the guide, who has responded always within one day, often within 12 hours. For first timers, I think this is what makes it incredibly comforting, because otherwise you’d have to rely upon waiting for forum participants to reply. His advice was always spot-on. $20 well spent.

  7. Hi buddy, have you considered accepting more anonymous payment methods? does the name of the book come up on paypal or with the bank?

  8. It couldn’t be any simpler. Best guide ive ever seen – way better method than pftech ,still waiting on my first but it looks promising for sure – no contamination so far – Great logical explanations as to why things need to be the way they are and explanations about what causes problems. Very responsive.

  9. Joe has hit a masterpiece with this guide. It’s so simple and the cost to start up with his method isn’t that much. Joe goes into great detail and explains the potential contamination, and what might cause you problems along the way. He is also very easy to get in touch with if you have any questions. I sent him an e-mail and he responded within 12 hours (he even responded on a Sunday!). I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking to start out.

  10. I have been growing for a wile with the rye and casing method. tried different strands and am having issues with consistant quality any tips.

  11. This guide is worth the 20$… the hours of time spent combing through a variety of web forums, you tube videos, and web pages that all have conflicting techniques is definitely not worth it when something like this is out there. Very straightforward, clear, organized well, and the best part? All in one place, about the same technique, with the frustrating trial and error already completed for you. I would strongly recommend for anyone who’s interested….
    I even did a mail in order and received link by email before he had even gotten my letter. Absolutely fantastic and speedy service! Thanks!

  12. I bought this excellent guide a little over a month ago and, as a newbie, followed everything exactly…and, voila, great results!! Joe makes this guide really clear and complete! It’s actually worth far more than he charges (but I’m not complaining!), especially since it increases the likelihood of successful and enjoyable schroom work. Initially I looked for YouTubes but there was no much conflicting advice and bad productions; this guide will save you a lot of time and frustration (and no doubt money) because the basics and fundamentals are addressed logically, clearly, and with attention to details, and has given me the confidence to proceed smartly. I especially like the “Materials Needed” (both re-useable and not). I started a Lab Notebook to keep records of dates, observations, strains, (& dates of expectations), etc., so I can build upon what I’ve learned. Thanks, Joe!

  13. i am interrested in getting your book does it talk about different strains and and temp or best kind to grow t.y.

    • The guide refers to growing the strain Psilocybe Cubensis. There are many different sub-strains of the P.C. mushroom, e.g.(Ecuadorian, Amazonian, and B+) All of the sub-strains can be grown in the exact same manner so I don’t really discuss them, in the guide.

  14. I am definitely going to purchase this !

  15. I can already tell that anyone like Joe who is willing to share his knowledge is a very good thing. It is very hard to find accomplished mycologists that are willing to share useful information. I am so glad I found this site !

  16. I’ve been waiting a 4 weeks now I need my packege or I’m gonna make a seen about this !

    • This is an instantly downloadable e-book, my friend. You should have received the download link, by email, just after you purchased. I do state this on my sales page. I’ve looked for your email address but I do not see it. Please shoot me a message, with the email address you used to purchase with, using the form at the top of the page. Thank you.

  17. This guide is as fool proof a method of producing shrooms as you could find, the only trouble i had was my own fault and as long as you read and follow every step with diligence it works great. Like some others have said it’s well worth 20 dollars and he could charge much more. I to was confused after reading bits and pieces on forums and youtube but this guide has it all with clear instructions and it would have taken me years to get where im at on my own and probably would have given up without the guide and expert advice. You won’t regret it if your serious about starting this cool hobby. Thanks for doing what you do Joe!

  18. This is a great resource; the videos along with some e-mail hand-holding and reassurance from Joe is awesome. If you have questions, he is right on top of them and answers them well. I am still in the spore growing stage but mycology is a great hobby and is helping me with my research. It is honing in on my ability to stay focused and to follow directions. Mindfulness is built into this process. The step by step instructions are very readable and followable. Very well done. Joe’s work is well worth the money you spend on the guide.

    Thank you, for giving us this methodology.

  19. Hello, I was going to see if you knew how reputable is? I chose to go through them because of your recommendation in the guide, however I placed an order with them about 5 days ago and have yet to hear back from them. I also live in GA, which is why I chose them as well.

    • Hi boss, I sent you an email, did you receive it? Yes, is very reputable. They have been in the business a long time. It mentions on their website that if you live in a site where spores are illegal that the spores will come from Canada. They may not respond if you ask them about shipping spores to illegal states. Please contact me using the contact link at the top of the page. Thank you.

      • I actually never received your email unfortunately, but I did contact you through the link at the top of the page, I hope that you received it.

  20. Hello!

    I love this guide!

    I’m at the fruiting stage now and I’m seeing some green on the top where it was once white. Is this normal? Is there any hope? Before the green set in, it looked just like the pics on the site, so I wasn’t worried, but now I am.

    Any help would be appreciated!

  21. Hey Joe. When I innoculate, I use a heated mat to keep the temperature of my jars/bags at the proper temperature. The only problem is at the bottom of the bags, the material dries up and that part of the growing medium never colonizes. The medium still colonizes about 85-90 percent, but I end up mixing in manure that didn’t get touched by the mycelium. Is this a problem, and is there a better way to get my bags and jars 100% colonized?


    • That means the heating mat is too hot or too close to the bags and jars. I recommend people don’t use heating pads as they usually cause more problems than they help. The bags or jars will colonize just fine without the added heat it may just take a little longer. Mixing in a small amount of uncolonized substrate when you go to case usually isn’t an issue but it can increase your chances of contamination because uncolonized substrate is more susceptible to contamination. You can also remove the uncolonized portion when you go to case the substrate. From now on, please send your questions to my email using the contact form at the top of this page. Thank you.

  22. I am very new to this hobby and i am overwhelmed by the options available for spores.,. is there anything you would recommend for a novice?

    • For quality, I recommend Their spore syringes have noticeably more spores than other vendors and they have quality specimens but they do cost a little bit more. has more affordable syringes and they are also good but they have less spores in them.

  23. Hey Joe ~ Have you ever tried to use a larger tub?
    I’m trying a 45 gallon tub, with two trays of spawn, and I’m concerned about keeping a space that large properly humidified.


    • You can use whatever size tub you want. The humidity will still be high because the added surface area of the rocks in the bottom of the chamber will make up for the larger chamber. This page is for reviews and comments. Please direct future questions to my email, using the contact link at the top of the page. Thank you.

  24. I was a complete beginner. I tried the PF Tek method with poor results. After obtaining this guide and following the authors steps, I became a pro almost overnight. The author gives simple steps to follow for success. I used his advice and skills along with my own common sense and I was able to do an outdoor grow hidden behind my workshop in two plastic tubs. Temp and humidity were perfect outside (Sept in the SE)… Let me tell you,…….I kept getting flush after flush of beautiful fruits! My first grow with this guide was phenomenal. With the results I had, I will only have to do one grow per year to keep me and all my friends VERY satisfied.

  25. This program is great with excellent results. Not only are the pdf files clear, concise and easy to follow, joe himself is an additional resource who got back to me within several hours with detailed responses to neurotic questions. Great purchase and excellent customer service. Thanks Joe.

  26. I have the same problem as someone above. I put the jars into the tray and covered it with the casing material. Where I initially stored this for a week, I believe it was too hot. I moved it to a better location and after a week I got some light green mixed with the white on the surface. Is this attempt a failure?

    • Hi David, please contact me using the contact form via the link at the top of this page and I’d be glad to help you with your issue.

  27. Joe’s tek is the best investment in my newbie mushroom hobie i could have made. DONT do what i did on first attempt.I watched too many YouTube “experts” and tried using different jar lids with tyvek patches and injection ports.A complete fail.I also used a boil/steam method for jars as i hadn’t received my PC yet. I got 1 jar with fungus and mycelium growth. I persisted with joes advice but i had used a fan forced oven to pasteurize the casing material which made it impossible for mycelium to grow. Joe always responds to my emails and photos. $20 to access a great guide and ongoing support is an absolute bargain.And if you have problems remember every setback is useful as you become a more knowledgeable grower.Thanks for your support and encouragement Joe,it’s truly appreciated.Living in Ozstraya-think about it!? it’s difficult getting spore syringes.Im currently using .If anyone can tell me how to get syringes from thehawkseye or Ralphterspores it would be much appreciated. I have a shipit virtual American address but as I’m technology illiterate i find it quite confusing.Anyway cheers Joe I’m going to read the guide again re: type of oven used for casing material. If it doesn’t mention anything please shoot me an email as to how long to pasteurize in a fan fotced oven.Currently in Oz we’re experiment our coldest spring ever? but on Joe’s advice I’ve brought my jars inside from shed rather than using a heating mat(another previous mistake) and am learning patience.Which is a battle especially when you are keen to take a “shroom holiday”. Mycroscopy is a great hoby with ups n downs for newbies but i can’t see myself stopping.Hopefully with Joe’s help I’ll become a very good fungi grower. Joe’s tek is a excellent investment in KISS-keep it simple stupid-shroom growing. Enuff said!!

  28. I bought Joes guide because there was just so much info on the internet it was hard to figure out how to even begin. I’ve never grown mushrooms before and this guide made it simple. It’s just like following a recipe. I got great results and anytime I have a question or concern I email Joe and I have an answer the next day.

  29. Is this the members room or area?

  30. The Magic Mushroom Mastery guide is really one of a kind! It is such an amazing value! It’s so detailed and honestly so easy! If you are looking for a simple and effective way to grow mushrooms this is it! I researched other methods, and this one simply wins hands down. The care and attention put into the guide is evident from the start, I was shocked at how easy it was. I also can’t say enough about the support provided from the author, always willing to offer insight and answer questions. Do yourself a favor and get this guide, it’s easily one of the best investments you can make if you are looking to grow your own mushrooms. This guide has certainly changed my life & outlook about the amazing fungi that are out there. And it is so rewarding to be able to grow your own medicine! All of the supplies were easy to find, and the single tub method is pretty stealthy as well. I am so happy I found this guide, and you will be also!

  31. My bank wont work with PayPal so was declined. This happens with E-Bay too. Options?

  32. Ideally you’d have a good friend who not only knew how to grow magic mushrooms, but was willing to teach you. And not only show you what to do but explain why he or she did it that way, and always be around to answer questions.

    But if you’re not so lucky to have such a friend, the Magic Mushroom Mastery guide is the next best thing.

    And actually, after growing my first bunch of mushrooms with Joe’s help, I kinda feel like I now have that friend.

    Thanks Joe!


    • Wow, thank you for the glowing review, Francis! I’m glad you were successful and that I could help you on that journey. Cheers.

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